Hello world!

My first blog post!  I guess I’ll use it to introduce the blog.  To find out more about me, click my picture. To find out more about me and the blog, click About La Vita Fresca.

I decided to make a blog because I call myself a writer – or perhaps more accurately, I want to be a writer – but I don’t write all that often anymore. I figured this would be a good way to write more and to help both you (hopefully) and me on my quest to live a simple, natural, passionate, healthy, well-rounded, meaningful, sustainable, and holistic life.  You hear about the sweet life, the beautiful life, the good life… but anything that’s sweet and beautiful and good must also be fresh.  A fresh life means constantly experiencing new things and new places; appreciating the intricacies that make everyday life one continuous miracle; eating lots of delicious veggies; breathing clean air and drinking clean water; running barefoot through grass untreated by pesticides; embracing the natural state of the world, and living within it.

This is my first blog, but I assume it’s natural for the blog to mirror the writer.  If that’s true, expect to see a lot of content involving nature, traveling, stargazing, lattes, yoga, writing, permaculture, cooking, eating, hiking, science, sustainability, astronomy, poetry, bunnies, rainbows, glitter, flute, reading, big sunglasses, palm trees, and Lady Gaga.


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