About La Vita Fresca

Buongiorno!  My name is Becky.   I’m currently a student living in Pittsburgh. My educational background is in the environment, physics, and astronomy.  I’m a self-proclaimed writer who doesn’t write enough and a stereotypical suburbanite trying to simplify.  I love to travel and wear leggings as pants. I’m usually a feminist and I eat breaded zucchini like it’s my job. Rainbow is my favorite color and I only like dark beer. I believe everything is better when you’re surrounded by palm trees and that laughter is a vital sign. I try to live life fully, organically, and with compassion for every other living thing that’s breathing the same fresh air I am.

This blog is meant to help both you and me on my quest to live a simple, natural, passionate, healthy, well-rounded, meaningful, sustainable, and holistic life.  You hear about the sweet life, the beautiful life, the good life… but anything that’s sweet and beautiful and good must also be fresh.  A fresh life means constantly experiencing new things and new places; appreciating the intricacies that make everyday life one continuous miracle; eating lots of delicious veggies; breathing clean air and drinking clean water; running barefoot through grass untreated by pesticides; embracing the natural state of the world, and living within it.


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